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Aug 18, 2009 at 06:43 AM

Capital equipment replacement procedure.



Please provide me, how to map the following scenarios in SAP. This is my clients requirement.

Scenario 1:

u2022 In manufacturing process, usually the Capital Spare parts needs to

be replaced new or used but serviceable Capital Materials.

u2022 Usually Capital Materials having depreciation process in company

financial balance sheet.

u2022 We need to define depreciation process for each Capital Material,

and once Capital Material is removed for a Capital Equipment the

deprecated cost needs to be credited in respective Capital Equipment

Cost center accounts and same will be debited from Capital goods

spares Cost center.

u2022 If the Capital Material is replaced with new one, the respective

cost of the Capital Material needs to be updated in respective Capital

Equipment Cost center account.

u2022 Subsequently the removed Capital Material is sent for service / repair.

u2022 After completion of service / repair activities the Capital material

will become used but serviceable Capital Material.

u2022 The service / repair charges need to be updated in maintenance accounts.

Scenario 2:

One plant (sponge Iron) is producing sponge iron, it is finished

produce for that plant. the same material is used by another plant as

semi finished material. how we can map the process in sap.

Thanks in advance,