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Former Member
Aug 17, 2009 at 10:31 PM

Adding SWCV Dependency


Hi, Friends:

We are using PI 7.1, we defined software components dependency, and it work fine: e.g.

SWCV_A depends on SWCV_B.

The new requirements of the interface require us to add another dependency SWCV:

e.g. SWCV_A depends on SWCV_B and SWCV_C (new one).

What we have done:

We choose the installation time to define the dependeny, added SWCV_C in Prerequisite SWCV.

The problem is that the newly added defined dependency SWCV_C does not show up without re-importing the SWCV_A.

Since SWCV_A has already in ESR, and we have built some interfaces, we can not delete and re-import it again.

Searched around here and not get my answers yet, Your suggestions are welcomed.