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Aug 17, 2009 at 07:46 PM

J2EE Server0 auto restarting and Jlaunch getting hgih memory


Hi Alls,

I having some porblem in Development System of PI 7.0, J2EE Server0 framworks starting and repait same process


*Operating system Windows 2003

Total memory 4GB,

2048BM memory configure in ConfigTools Heap memory*

While start framworks and tyring to startup J2EE Engine, memory keep increased in Jlaunch and goes to more then 10GB

System performance very slow becuase Jlounch keep getting memory

Please anyone tell me where may I checked that problem

  • THIS IS dev_jrfc.trc logs ****

Exception thrown [Mon Aug 17 01:58:29,162]:Exception thrown by application running in JCo Server

java.lang.RuntimeException: Bean LCRBEAN_GET_PROFILE_PARAMETERnot found on host my-pidev, ProgId =LCRSAPRFC_PDV: Path to object does not exist at rfcaccessejb_stateful, the whole lookup name is rfcaccessejb_stateful/LCRBEAN_GET_PROFILE_PARAMETER.

Thanks in Advanced

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