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Aug 17, 2009 at 06:56 PM

contra items / Assigning Items by Balance in the Financial Statement


Hello BCS experts,

We defined FS Items and its hierarchy in BCS Masterdata.

Source data is in ECC and the companies post their transactional data to their GL accounts.

We want to define FS item as a navigational attribute of GL account in BW to translate this transactional data into the FS Items.

But I donu2019t know how to map GL Accounts which are assigned to different items according to their Balance.

For example.

Period: 12.2008

ECC Item- Receivables Bank: 30T (BCS Item : Receivables Bank (under Assets))

Account 4711 : 20T

Account 4712 : 10T

Period: 12.2009

ECC Item-Payables Bank: -10T (BCS Item: Payables Bank (under Liabilities))

Account 4711 : -20T

Account 4712 : 10T

In BCS these FS items are at the lowest hierarchie level

BCS Item -Receivables Bank (under Assets)

BCS Item- Payables Bank (under Liabilities)

With which value should I fill the navigational attribute (FS Item) of GL Account 4711 ?

Receivables Bank or Payables Bank ??

What kind of alternatives do we have in BCS to handle the contra items ?

thank you in advance.