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Rounding off Condition Value at Header Level..

Hello Experts,

Issue of Rounding off in Pricing...

I have kept a Routine - 17 for Rounding off for Condition Type for BED (JEXP)

And I have 2 Line Items..

1) Actual JEXP Value = 123.60 : Rounded Off JEXP Value = 124.00

2) Actual JEXP Value = 223.60 : Rounded Off JEXP Value = 224.00

Here the total value of JEXP at Header Value is 348.00 (124.00 + 224.00)

But the requirement is the Header Value shoul be rounded off on the Total Value...


123.60 + 223.60 = 347.20

And the Header Value of JEXP should be rounded off on 347.20, that is 347.00

So here my value is coming 348.00 instead of 347.00

Here Routine 17 takes action at Item level itself so the value, before reaching for the header cumulation, gets rounded off. I want to have line item value as it is and the header value to be rounded off.

Any Sugestions???

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4 Answers

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    Aug 18, 2009 at 08:25 AM


    Go to V/06 and select your condition type JEXP and execute.

    Over there give rounding rule A which is round up.

    Then try to create to create the sales order and check up the price.

    Your JEXP is coming two times in your pricing procedure with different value???



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  • Aug 18, 2009 at 09:32 AM

    Dear Hardik,

    As your JEXP Condition is a item Condition, yiou cannot have any settings for Rounding it at Header level. What you can do is in V/06 set the Rounding Rule to Blank i.e. Commercial. This would make sure that the item Value are commercially Rounded & sum up at Header level.

    You can also try using Routing 16 in Pricing Procedure (which I have not used)

    Hope this helps...


    Jignesh Mehta

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  • Aug 18, 2009 at 09:39 AM

    You can use DIFF Cond type which will be rounded off at Total value base.

    Generally this Excise duty rounding off will be controlled/configured in Company Code settings in CIN settings - "Duty removal rounding off".

    As I know, Excise duty should not be rounded, as it has to pay to the Excise authorities,

    if you are BED is 20, ECS =2% on 20 = 0.40 = rounded "0"-

    ideally it should not,

    1- Because none of the excisable goods should be removed w/o duty .

    2- eg: 10,000 invoices will have similar duty amount (.40 paise, which is rounded as "0") , that amount Central Excise authority is loosing, which is legally incorrect.

    so , before rounding off excise duty, take this into consideration, Discuss with the client & present this scenario .

    then proceed further

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    • Former Member

      Hi all,

      Here the responses I received, are not working actually..

      1st was to use Rounding rule = "A"

      But this will only Round up the value, and that also at the Item level only.. So might not be useful..

      2nd was to use Routine - 16

      But this is not actually for Rounding off the value, it is for rounding difference.. I have tried 16 it is not working actually..

      3rd was to use Condition Type - DIFF

      But this is also a Item Condition so will not work for rounding off at header level

      It was also suggested that Company Code Setting (CIN Setting) - Rounding Duty on Removal and Rounding Rule in V/06

      But both of these are already there..

      So I could not resolve it.. Actually I thought it may not b possible but I thought let me try in SDN..

      So if anybody has some idea... plz suggest..

      Thanks in Advance..



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    Nov 10, 2009 at 11:12 AM

    it does works provided u properly maitain the routines in ur pricing procedure.

    you can achive this by maitaining your pricing procedure as follows.

    step 1. Create a new condition type by copying JEXP, and name it a Z000 for example. and maitain the conditon record 8% or what ever the relavant value.

    Step 2. Create a new condition type by copying DIFF condition and name it Z001 for example. and go to details select group condition check box, select item condition check box and remove the access sequence if it has any.

    Step 3. Maitain condition record JEXP with 100%.

    Step 4. go to your pricing procedure and add Z000 condtion Step 200 for example FROM is the step number is 120( on which u r calculating excise )duty) TO--blank, select statistical check box.

    Step 5. now add the another condition type ie Z001 Step300, FROM is Step 4 ie 200, TO is blank, select statistical check box, in requirement column maintain routine 13 and in Calype maitain routine 16.

    Step 6 now in your pricing procedure for JEXP condition change from to is200 to 300 and accout key EXD.

    Now you create a sales order and in item level it will be in fraction numbers only if u see at header level JEXP condition will get round off for all the line items.

    This way u can do it for other excise conditons.



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    Edited by: babu k on Nov 11, 2009 12:59 PM

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