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Aug 17, 2009 at 03:32 PM

Regarding Technical Setting of Tables.


Hey Hi Experts,

I have following issues within my implementation project.

1. On the PRD server the data is huge when i see Transaction tables like VEPO or LIPS I see that the size Category specified ( in my case vepo is set for Catagor 4 ie 81,000 to 320,000 records but it far exceeds the limits current is 6 lacks ) in the technical setting is very low as compared to the data size in them ( Will that matter my Reports performance )

2. There is a radio button goup where its set to "NO Buffring allowed " (Caution ..!)

I need you suggession for the following do i need to adjust the technical setting of the tables if my data size is exceding the limit specified record count .

If ineed to set it What type of buffring will i choose.

Plz experts...:)