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Aug 17, 2009 at 10:56 AM

Problem in Invoice planning with Frame work order


Hi Friends,

We want to perform a rental plan for a year with vendor with fixed payment on monthly basis.

We are planning for Inoice planning. In thise ERS is not required. We will do manual LIV. I have choosen Frame work order doc. type , so that in this case doc. start & end date can come automatically. Selected Invoice paln.

We created a new Account assignment category in which we perform directly LIV (skipping GR).

I created a PO with new acct. asggn. cat. , qty as 1 and order unit as month. Selected invoice plan.

When we are performing LIV, system is not showing any qty. In this way we won't understand how many months we completed.

Pls. let me know Is I am following correctly ? While doing LIV if I want to have qty / months I am paying, how to do that ?


Sai Krishna