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Aug 17, 2009 at 02:25 AM

Long Text (template) in maintenance notification


Dear all,

Appreciate your valuable inputs to this.


- In IW21, when you create a new notification the notification create date (VIQMEL-QMDAT) is populated with system date.

- In IW21, when you create a notification you can specify a "Reference notification". The system copies all of the header data (including long text and partner information), items, tasks, and activities (including long texts) from the reference notification into the new notification.

Business Requirement

- When you create a new notification, Notif create date (VIQMEL-QMDAT) should be automatically populated with system date.

- New maintenance notification should have a Long Text already populated with information from a standard text. The information can be questions such as "What is the defect found?", "What is the correction action taken to date?", "What is the priority, tools required,?" etc, etc.

Actions taken:

A standard text has been created with all the questions required by the business. I then created maintenance notification(created 10.08.2009 - VIQMEL-QMDAT), and in the Long Text I inserted the Standard Text (From the menu click Insert, Text, Standard)


In IW21, when you specify a reference notification (RIWO00-QWRNUM) the notification creation date (VIQMEL-QMDAT) of the new notification is automatically populated with the notification creation date from the reference notification (10.08.2009).

Is there any configurations etting that I need to check/change? Why is the creation date of the reference notification influencing the create date of the new notification?

There are alternative solutiions (below), however, I am just wondering if there is a quick fix for this.

Alternative solutions are

1. Update the notification create date (VIQMEL-QMDAT) of the new notification - but there is a danger the user forgets to change this field (notifcation creation date affects our compliance)

2. When a new notification is created, click on the Long Text and insert the Standard Text.

Appreciate your views.