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Aug 14, 2009 at 02:42 PM

Cycle Counting count effort


Hi All

We have been using SAP for 15 months and would like to now inpliment cycle counting. (we have prevoiusly carried out annual and ad-hoc PI counts)

If I set up all current materials with the ABCD indicators and then run LICC, will the PI suggested count date depend on the GR date of the material or the date that the ABCD indicator was alloted to it?

How can i ensure that the number of matrials will be spread out evenly during the month?

Will I just have to select a manageable number of quants from the list that LICC gives me?

I have calculated an average of 55 materials to count per day over a working year. I dont want to be counting 100+ materials one day and only a few the next. Can SAP help?

I have read a similar post regarding this issue but it didnt answer my question

Thanks in advance