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Aug 14, 2009 at 11:26 AM

Unable to User Exit in OBBH Transaction


Dear SAP Friends,

I have created one substitution for cash journal, we have created one User Exit to substitute the value.

I have transported the substitution from Golden Client to Quality server with User exit assignment in OBBH.

But the same substitution is there in quality, User exit is missing in OBBH screen.

I am trying to add the user exit in Quality server, I am getting the below error.

You may not substitute any fields for this Event

Message no. GB175


Although substitutions are permitted for the boolesche class 15 (application area FI, Event 0003), the application did not release any field for substitution.

System Response

Processing is terminated. You cannot change any field for this Event (even within a substitution exit). Defining a substitute therefore makes no sense.


If the substitution is a substitution belonging to the FI application component, you can release fields for substitution (as described in OSS note 42615). Note that for most fields, this action implies a modification to the SAP standard system.

Please let me know the solution..