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Aug 14, 2009 at 10:31 AM



Hello Everybody,

I'm having a huge Problems with the MaxDB Database for my ERP-System.

*-24988,ERR_SQL: SQL error*
*-902,I/O error*

The bad news, I have no Backup of the Database, because there's no sufficient space for it.

The second bad news, I updated my windows server 2003 while the SAP-System was running and a message appeared telling me you should use the original CD to restore the previous configuration version of Win2003 because the system is not stable.

The last bad news is that our Network Administration performed updates and has shutdown all the systems, the thing is that our system is running on top of VM-Ware machine.

After, the reboot has been performed and the system is running, I wanted to start the SAP-System but I got this massive Problem which I think will let me reinstall everything, what a thing. 😔

What is the Problem with the File System and what's this so called the DevSpace, is it related to the VM-Ware ?

Ps. one another thing that I'm using the MaxDb-Manager v. 7.6.03 and my database is on v.7.6.02

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