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Sep 20, 2018 at 09:41 AM

Hiding specfic meArea buttons on mobile


Hi everyone,

at the moment i'm trying to hide the AppFinder and About button of the MeArea on mobile phone. My client uses ipod's as mobile devices and they want to hide this buttons to limit the options and improve the user experience of the end users.

The goal is the hide this buttons in such way the more button disappears.

  • So first I tried it with CSS, but then SAP still registers the the button as available. So the more button is still there through the button is gone in the view.
  • If I set the the visibility in the UI5 inspector to false, the element disappears and the more button disappears, which is the goal, so I removed the element in javascript form the app, but because the meArea gets loaded by pressing the button is keeps rendering.

So my question does anyone have a suggestion how to hide this buttons, and then only as an phone? Is there maybe some configuration inside the personalisation file to set this?

The project is on an ECC gateway system.

Thanks in advance!