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Aug 14, 2009 at 04:48 AM

Trace files related to Database analyzer


Hi Experts,

We recieved a request to investigate why database analyzer was not running from 8th to 12 th August.

I couldnt find any log or trace related to database analyzer .

The info i could find was that LVC data base was restarted on 5th August

dbmcli on LP5>dban_state


0,OK: everything works fine

0,/sapdb/programs_plsaplp500/bin/dbanalyzer -d LP5 -u , -state

MaxDB Database Analyzer, The Performance Analysis Tool, Version

Copyright 2000-2008 by SAP AG

Using log directory: /sapdb/data_plsaplp500/wrk/LP5/analyzer

INFO 20: Database Analyzer not active in directory "/sapdb/data_plsaplp500/wrk/LP5/analyzer".

Database = LP5

Node =

Rundirectory = /sapdb/data_plsaplp500/wrk/LP5

Configfile = /sapdb/programs_plsaplp500/env/dbanalyzer76.cfg

Protocoldirectory = /sapdb/data_plsaplp500/wrk/LP5/analyzer

Interval = 900

Reconnect = false

ProcessID = 5308432

SessionID = 157846709

Driver = MaxDB 7.6

Started = 2009-08-05 05:14:19

Stopped = 2009-08-08 18:24:24

So where to find log or trace files related to it so that i can get some credible info related to why it was stopped on 8th of August???

kindly help

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