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Aug 13, 2009 at 08:32 PM

QCI Calculation Routines


I have a material, which in the material master is defined for conversion from KG to GLL. The ratio is 4.177 KG per GLL. For 100 KG this would come to 23.94062 GLL.

This is an HMI material, and has relevance in the IS-OIL module. Using the QCI desktop calculator 100 KG of the material comes to 24.57500 GLL - obviously corrected by some factor.

Our system implements RFC calls to the ASTM C-Routines for volume correction factors. Using transaction O3D0 I can see that for the conversion group, the material is maintained at 60 F, API density of 0. On the report the volume correction factor is 1. So I would expect the material master conversion to be the same as QCI.

What other factors could be contributing to the QCI calculation?