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Former Member
Aug 13, 2009 at 03:02 PM

How to use GRU1&GRU2 correctly


Hi Expert:

I'm testing on condition type GRU1 and GRU2. I'm using the standard setting. I created condition master via MEK1 for GAU2. I manually input GAU1 in PO. But when doing GR, only PBXX is considered. Cannot get value from GAU2.

I checked PO, condition GAU1 is "Inactive via formulae of incorrect". Is it the correct situation?

In configuration, seems everything is standard setting. For GAU1, calculation formula '31', For GAU2, calculation formula '32', requirement '31', calculation base '32'. Everything looks the same as what SAP help says. I have no clue now.

Any advice is highly welcomed. Many thanks.