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Aug 13, 2009 at 09:29 AM

Continous Inventory Process


Dear All,

I am in the process of carrying out a continous inventory process and have some queries pertaining to this.

1. When a Stock count is done could we have stocks in the temporary storage type ( or should we at all times ensure that we

clear the stocks in the temporary storage type and then start with the count)

Whats the standard and advised practice with regard to this.

2. What is the main difference in using Continous Inventory & Physical Inventory Process

In our system we have MM already in place, so do we have to use both inventory process or stick with Continous Inventory

3. I have noticed when an inventory record is created, the bins which are to be counted are blocked. Which is the right thing to

do. But in the event i decide to stop the count how do i release the blocked bins since theinventory record is not completed.

How should i go about in these kind of situations


Shabeen Buhary