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Aug 13, 2009 at 06:48 AM

Issue in split valuation


we got a material which is defined for local valuation categories and valuation types for a plant. By mistake the material was not created as split vluated, but as normal material for plant. Now while trying to activtae split valuation (no material doc or po for material at plant) in mm01 we get error message that material already manintained for event. even in mm02, valuation category is greyed out. In customising for the plant no qty/value update is allowed for material type for plant. now,

1. if we want split valuation to be activated can we acheive this by activating qunatity/ value update or both for material type of the plant?

2. as initally material is not vlaue updated why no problem came while assigning initial valaution class while craeting material and now not allowing it to be split valauted?