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Aug 12, 2009 at 04:01 PM

BSIK select data


Hi experts,

I am preparing a service tax report.

I am fetching the data from BSAK and BSIK table based on the reference no. from BKPF table.

I understand the data would be very huge but when I am extracting data from other tables it is working fine

but when I am fetching data from BSIK table based on reference no. it is taking very long time.

In fact when I checked in debugger there are only 44 reference nos. but it is taking very long time i guess around 30-35 mins.

Although it took some seconds to fetch from BSAK table for same no. of references.

I checked in table through DD and there are 525 entires for that reference nos.

I don't know what is d prob while fetching. I have not created any indexes also for BSIK, der is some prob which I am not gettin.

So if any1 can plz suggest sumthing for it since now report is takin almost an hour for executing which is unacceptable.



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