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Sep 19, 2018 at 05:51 PM

Creation of differing measurements for J4 object during Contract creation


Dear SAP gurus,

I'm currently working on a IFRS16 implementation project using RE-FX. So we do use the new object type "Contract Object" J4.

When running RECN t-code, I create both my Contract object and my contract at the same time. I can do it also through BAPI BUS1505_CREATE. That's fine.

But, for some of my contracts, I do have a differing measurement linked to the J4. In that case, when I create through BAPI and indicate J4 0010 as object ID for my measurement, it does not recognize it.

Then, to be able to create the contract, I can remore the contract object and LSMW works. But the condition does not have any value and I'm forced to go back into every contract (and I've hundreds of them) to update the object ID in order to complete calculation formula.

Does anyone have a solution to be able to assign the measurement directly to contract object J4 I'm creating within the BAPI?

Thanks for your help