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Sep 18, 2018 at 09:37 PM

Is there a way to create direct replenishment when the negatives in the storage type are allowed?


Hello team,

I do have a big question for you where the scenarios I tested do not work well.

Is there a way in SAP EWM to create or trigger the DIRECT REPLENISHMENT in the RF with the exception code REPL when the negative quantities are allowed?


i) Negative quantities are allowed in the fix bin storage type (A - Negative Available Quantity Allowed)

ii) Users are using RF guns to perform all the activities.

iii) User goes to the fixed bin area and notices it's empty, then he/she triggers direct replenishment using exception code REPL, System pops up an error saying the W:Replenishment WT could not be created /SCWM/RF_EN026

iv) Exception codes are set and those are working fine for other scenarios or Storage Types.

v) I can trigger the replenishment via RF in the internal Processes->AdHoc WT Creation-> Replenishment for Fix bin.

vi) Exception code REPL doesn't work

vii) "Picker-Driven Replenishment" is flagged and I don't know if it works or not because the task is not created.


a) User goes to the bin and if the bin is empty he/she triggers the DIRECT REPLENISHMENT via exception code REPL and system creates a replenishment task.

b) The same user is directed to the replenishment screen so he/she can replenish the bin.

Thank you very much in advance!