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Aug 12, 2009 at 07:12 AM

Mapping Header Detail with Line Item Details


Dear All,

I am working on the scenario in which on creation of Sales Order in ECC will create Purchase Order back in ECC using PI mappings. The PO are getting splitted while creation based on the plants available in the line items ie say there are 6 line items with plants like

Line Item No. Plant

000010 1000

000020 1001

000030 1001

000040 1002

000050 1002

000060 1003

So, in the output total 4 PO Idocs will be created. First Idoc will have one line item with plant 1000, second Idoc will have two line items with plant 1001, third Idoc will have two line items with plant 1002 & fourth Idoc will have only one line item with plant 1003.

I am able to do the mappings upto this stage.

Now, the header data required to create the required output PO is available with me in the line-items of the Sales Order only ie.

Line Item No. Plant Company Code

000010 1000 1000

000020 1001 2000

000030 1001 2000

000040 1002 3000

000050 1002 3000

000060 1003 4000

Now please guide me how to map header details with the line item details as I am getting 6 line items whereas I will be requiring header details for 4 Idocs only.