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Aug 11, 2009 at 04:06 PM

Updating Voyager connections through CMC fails


Hello again,

There are a dozen or more things annoying me about Voyager at the momen, but here's the latest.

I've been making various changes to dimensions in a cube through Analysis Manager. In a nutshell, I've removed some, renamed others and inserted new ones.

After rebuilding the cube I go to the CMC and update the connection to the cube. However, on entering the Voyager connection on Infoview, none of the changes are there. I rebooted the server, updated the connection once again, and when I re-opened the connection on Infoview, it updated successfully.

Surely I don't have to restart the CMS service everytime I make a change to my cubes. Is this the case or can I change settings within the CMC services to avoid that necessity?

If so it could answer another problem I'm having with java null pointer exceptions on some of my connections.

Many thanks,