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Former Member
Aug 11, 2009 at 03:57 PM

Langauge in the Invoice Output.


Hi Experts,

I am confused with the langauge in the Invoice Output.

For a French Sale Organization e.g ZFRA, when we mention a sales item text in any non French language other than EN.

The text doesnt appear in the invoice out put.

Example:* When i log in to SAP with EN Language,And make a sales order for ZFRA(Sales Org for France with Fr as the language) and mention the Item text in DE-German language.The text doesnt appear in the Invoice output.

The German text appears only if I log in to SAP through DE-German language and issue a Output for the same billing document.

Is there a control of Sales Organization's language and SAP log in language on the Invoice output.

To what extent the Customer's language and the Output master language matter in the Invoice output. Please explain.

How can I ensure that with EN language and a FR-sales organization, the non FR and english language sale item text can appear in the invoice output.