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Sep 20, 2018 at 06:58 AM

SAP Business one 9.0 on Remote Desktop Server

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Hello All. I am an IT consultant working with a customer that is running SAP 9.0 PL10. Everything has been working great on all their workstations. Now they want to install a Remote Desktop Server for their remote sales people to connect to. From what I read SAP 9.0 should work fine in Remote Desktop. I have found several tech notes and the following video on how this should work.<<content removed by moderator>>

I have followed all the instructions to a tee and I always get to a point where SAP cannot find the landscape server. Now it is not a firewall issue since both firewalls (on the DB server and RDP server) are disabled. Also, it is not antivirus related. I can browse out to the DB server from the RDP server just fine. I have the latest Native SQL 2012 driver installed as well. I am running everything as administrator. I have wiped and reloaded this VM multiple times installing in different orders, etc just to get to a point where it does not see the landscape server.

So I am stuck here. Is there anything else that I might look at here? One of the notes indicated that PL12 is supported but they are on PL10. Would that make a difference? I was hoping not to go to PL12 due to time constraints but if I need to to get this going I will.

In the past on some windows 7 boxes there were windows updates released that broke SAP and I needed to uninstall and "hold back" the updates to keep it functioning. However, I am not seeing any windows updates being referenced anywhere for windows 2012 that might be causing the issue.

Thanks for any help