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Former Member
Aug 11, 2009 at 04:49 AM

Performance of SRM5.0 ITS (shopping cart and Catalog)


Hi all,

We have a SRM 5.0 server with intergrated ITS.It is 64 bit platform and 8 GB RAM.

The SRM application that we use via web-browser is very slow.

Example 1. When user clicks on describes the requirement and then when he adds to Shopping Cart

Requiremnet added being loaded <===== Takes a long time

Also I have set the parameter for ITS em/global_area_MB to 900MB and MaxHtmlPPs to 400slot but there is no imporvement.

Also we have checked the DB hit ratio that is around 90%.Any idea were would be wrong.

Any approaches/suggestions to debug the slow response and improve on it.