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Sep 19, 2018 at 03:44 PM

tinyworld and xsodata on table


I transformed the tinyworld example to Cloudfoundry and it works so far. Now I changed a small portion and do not get why this does not work:
I added a xsodata file that works simply on a table and this never works. Here is the content that works:

service {
"tinyworld3.tinydb::myview" as "euro" keys generate local "ID";

And here is the one that does not work:

service {
"tinyworld3.tinydb::world" as "world" keys generate local "ID" ;

I also can keep out the "keys generated local ID" part.
When calling this, I always get a

"No data found for tinyworld3.tinydb::world table."

Anybody has an idea why that is?