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Aug 10, 2009 at 07:44 PM

Create conversion of one unit of measure to another


Our users have set up a stat key figure for FTE's (full time equivalent). They set it up with a unit of measure of EA, which is set to display and calculate to 0 decimal places. they would like to change it so that they can display and calculate it to 1 decimal place. I looked and I see a unit of measure of PRS (persons), which I think would be a better fit for the unit of measure, as we don't want to make any changes to the EA unit of measure.

However, when I am testing this change, I am not able to have actual values in both EA and PRS in the same stat key figure. I am getting an error message (KS310) that says the unit of measure specified in the master data is not the same as the unit of measure in the controlling area for the current records total. It says it cannot do a conversion from EA to PRS.

I found OSS notes for this error for lower versions of SAP, but we are on ECC 5.0 and I didn't see any notes that applied to that version.

I am wondering if anyone has done this, and, if so, how they got through the error messages? Is there a place to put the conversion from EA to PRS in the system so that the error goes away?

Thanks - Kim Dudgeon