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Aug 10, 2009 at 06:19 PM

Ledger balances in FI on a weekly basis


Hi all,

I am referring to the new FI extractor 0FI_GL_10, used for account balance, with a time granularity of Fisc period.

I would like to get the same on a weekly basis or to be more clear, want to get posting date as an enhanced feild in this extractor, so that I can increase the granularity.

I tried checking this myself and wasnt able to do this, as in the source table(Totals table), there is no key by which we can do the append. Also date being more a granular level, I dont this, this is acheivable.

Feel free to contradict me.

So, is there any way out, using any other Fi datasource, preferably using New FI GL scenario(as we have multiple ledgers) to get the balance on a weekly basis.

Do we have anything similar to inventory model to evaluate balance/stock, so that we can make use of it?

I am somehow sure, that this is a generic requirement, to track weekly balances.

Any thoughts are appreciated.