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Aug 10, 2009 at 05:26 PM

Forecast release from APO-DP to R/3 - Issue


Hi ,

We have a transfer profile to transfer the DP forecast to R/3 . For a specific material in certain branches , we c that the PIR's are not in R/3. In other branches for the same plant the PIR's have been transferred to R/3.

We have checked all the data like

1. The master data in R/3 and APO

2. Blocked queues in APO and R/3

3. The log in APO - it shows that the forecast has been released successfully for this material -branch .

The master data , log , queue's everything look Ok .

We then started analysing the forecast results in R/3 for that material. For this specific material branch we find that the forcast has been initially released (non zero VSF quantity) and 6 minutes later this value is getting zeroed out.

(ex) Material Branch X 3 P.M VSF 1000

Material Branch X 3.06 PM VSF 0 (1000 is replaced by 0).

There are no other jobs running at this time , which rules out the possibility that the forecast value in R/3 could have been wiped out by some other job.

Has anyone enocountered the same problem before. Please reply.