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Sep 19, 2018 at 07:50 AM

Transfer Order for Quality stock and Unrestricted


Hello Team ,

There is an issue for Warehouse Order with Quality stock .

We have performed MIGO for stock type Quality and Unrestricted both in same document . The plant is WM Activated. When we post the MIGO , system is diverting to LS26 transaction code to do the 101 and 105 movement TO creation.

our requirement is system should automatically create the TO for unrestricted stock and for Quality it has to go for Quality process steps. Is it possible ?

or , we need to perform the Quality stock and unrestricted stock both in separate Goods receipts ? But it is very tidies if the PO line items are like 1000 .. Please let me know your opinion or if any configuration need to be considered.

Thanks and Regards