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Sep 19, 2018 at 06:48 AM

How to the values for the first and last incidences of a field in the report without minimum/maximum


Hi there

I want to place, anywhere in my report, a simple statement that shows the first and last values from a particular report, based on the order they are included in the report.

I cannot use minimum/maximum for this, as the value in the field is not sorted in a linear fashion.

For example, here are some values, sorted by the report...I have numbered the rows to show the report sort order, let's call the field value "Registration Number"....

Record 1: 2009/43/1

Record 2: 2009/43/9

Record 3: 2009/43/11

I want a statement that reads "Registration Numbers 2009/43/1 to 2009/43/11", based on the first and last records included in the report.

Unfortunately, if you use minimum and maximum, the largest number is 2009/43/9, instead of 2009/43/11, as the 11 is counted before the 9.

Can anybody advise how to just grab the values from this field from the first and last records, according to the sort order in my report?

many thanks