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Sep 19, 2018 at 03:03 PM

Is it possible for BPC 11.0 and BW/4HANA to work correctly in multiples clients on a single server?


Hello ,

We are implementing a Consolidation solution (standard) and we have only two servers to work, Server 1 for Dev (Client 100) and Server 2 for Prod (Client 200).

In order to have a QA system, Basis team has just created an additional client (110) in Server 1, however, it's not working for us. In BW/4HANA, 100 and 110 are acting like mirrors, if we create something in 100 we immediately see it in 110 and when we load something in 110, we see the same data and request in 100, the only difference we've found is that we cannot use RSA1 or manage Infoproviders in 110. As for BPC, it acts like a mirror too since an environment created in 100 can be seen in 110 and can be seen through HANA Studio, however, it can't be seen or used neither in BPC Web Client nor in EPM.

Is this a normal behavior? Or is there some kind of error or missing part when creating QA client (110)?

We found a post related and a note but it's from 2008, we are not sure if it's still valid.

SAP Note 522569

Thank you.