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Sep 19, 2018 at 07:33 AM

Workflow email notification link redirecting to specific iOS Application and NOT the native Browser


Performing some work for a client at the moment that have an on-premise FLP and they have incorporated a piece of code in their on premise environment to handle workflow notification emails. So, steps involved include the following.

- User receives an email notification with a workflow link.

- User clicks on the link and it redirects them to an internal company application on their device and NOT the native browser.

They have carried this out via a small piece of json code and this has been placed in a specific directory in the on-premise FLP URL. for e.g. https://mobilesite.XXXXXXX/.well-known/apple-app-site-association

This blog was followed previously

We have moved the client to the Cloud now and the same functionality is being requested. This is not a native application but they call the FLP or Freestyle site from within the internal company application.

Does anyone know if this is possible in SAP Cloud Platform and if so how this could be achieved? Do I need to go through the console client??

Any assistance with this would be great!

Thanks in advance