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Former Member
Aug 07, 2009 at 07:53 AM

RemoteException: Invalid SOAP Response - Problems with WS or Java Versions


Hi Guys,

I have created a simple BO and exposed it's create method as a WebService. Now, when executing this WebService in wsnavigator, I keep receiving the following Exception:

RemoteException: Invalid SOAP Response. Runtime can not find return parameter <Output>.

I have made some research about it and found out that many people had faced this problem due to a Java Version difference between NWDS and SAP AS Java. I changed the Java Version on NWDS to the same installed on the AS (1.5.0_12), however, although both, NWDS and AS are using the same java version, the exception keeps coming...

Is there anybody out there that has ever faced a similar problem or has experience with this topic and can help me?? I really need some help here... Anything!

Thanks in advance, Johannes