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Work Manager 6.5 and GIS Integration

Dear All,

We are going to upgrade our product from Work Manager 6.4 to Work Manager 6.5

Here we are going to use the GIS functionality

I have come across some links in SAP forum which suggests that to use GIS , we have to build a new Agentry client so as to support the GIS feature. ( In older versions) With Work Manager 6.4 we have not used this functionality

We are using SMP SDK 3.0 SP15 PL6

My question is If I am going to integrate and use GIS with Work Manager 6.5, Will that work automatically in the Agentry client or do I have to build a new client to support this feature.

kindly suggest.

Thanks and Regards

Neha Mahanty

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Sep 20, 2018 at 08:56 PM


    The general rule of thumb from the perspective of each release of the SAP Work Manager product is as follows (from my personal point of view):

    - Each time the SAP Work Manager development team release a product they as a dev team will choose an appropriate SMP 3.0 SDK libraries and client version to be used

    - Once they release the SAP Work Manager to the general public, the context of the libraries they used will be based on the SMP 3.0 SDK libraries version.

    - So let us say SAP Work Manager 6.5 came out with a particular GIS drivers to work with the particular release of the SMP 3.0 SDK then the next steps are to utilize and compile the necessary versions to make it work.

    Provided (assumption here) that your Agentry client version (or version of the SDK that it came with) is compatible with the version released by SAP Work Manager 6.5 for the GIS driver then you should have no issues. If the driver is incompatible then that will be the reason you may have to recompile. That is the general rule of thumb.

    - As a consultant or a support engineer, the best tool to use is the Software Download Center of SAP. Look at the date. Look at the date of the released version of the SAP Work Manager 6.5 (assume that during that time the SDK used will be related to it). Then look at the date of the SDK release of SMP 3.0 SP15 PL6, check the date. It has to be within the dates of SAP Work Manager 6.5.

    My personal rule of thumb is about 3 months difference. If Work Manager 6.5 release date is within 3 months of the release date of your SMP 3.0 SDK then the likelihood of a rebuild will be less likely (I would say that the SDK should be older by up to 3 months compared to SAP Work Manager 6.5 - basically 1 quarter of development). But if the date is years in difference then it is an automatic recompile as the library difference could be big.

    Worst comes to worst you may try it out without recompiling. If it does not work then you may start downloading the SDK related to the dates of SAP Work Manager 6.5 to play safe.



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