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Aug 06, 2009 at 03:43 PM

Product search restricted to 100 Items


Hi Experts,

We are Implementing SAP ERP E-commerce 5.0 without TREX.

In the B2B shop --- When Searching for Materials/Products, there are two ways a user can do this:

'My Transactions' -> 'Products' [Search]

'Catalog' -> 'Product Catalog' [Search]

It appears that when we do a Search through the 'My Transactions' -> 'Products' option, if the return list is greater than

100 items, the search fails and gives an error message of "Too many items".

When using the Search through the 'Catalog' -> 'Product Catalog' option, the full and accurate list of materials/products

are returned to the main web window.

Is there a way to not have a maximum on the 'My Transactions' -> 'Products' option and have it return all the same

products as the 'Catalog' -> 'Product Catalog' option?

Thank you