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h k
Sep 17, 2018 at 01:47 PM

Problem with Daily Load Process Chains?



We have a daily loads in a Process Chain, which is failing at Info Package or DTP with below reason(but no one is forcing it to terminate):

Request REQU_BJX7FQOVPNIM7NX0QEA9O9WLA is to be terminated immediately at user's request

Chain run AIMHUFDOTNPNBV591DMOB4DOE to be terminated as soon as possible due to user request

But when we are executing those Info Package or DTP manually it is loading Data perfectly.

Or if run the Chain manually it is running fine.

When it is scheduled and when it runs at its scheduled time it exactly failing at IP or DTP.

We tried to Transport Info Package, DTP and Datasource from D to Q, it didn't help.

Please give us your suggestions.

Thanks and Regards,




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