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Sep 17, 2018 at 08:58 AM

[RE-FX] Set default values in Valuation Parameters tab (RECN transaction)



I would like to set default values on the Valuation Parameters tab (RECN transaction) when the user is creating a new valuation object.

Actually I am using BAdI BADI_RECE_EVALUATION_RULE to do that, using method IF_EX_RECE_EVALUATION_RULE-COMPLETE_DEFAULTS. Although, I was assuming it might be filling the initial value at first, whenever the new valuation object is created but it doesn't work like that. If the user changes these values manually, they will be always overwritten by this method.

Is there any way to find out in the code, if the values are changed manually?
Do you have any other suggestion to set default values on this tab, only when the valuation object is created? allowing the user to change them after?