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Sep 16, 2018 at 01:52 AM

HANA Calculation View: Right join returns wrong result?


I created a calculation view CA_LEFT_JOIN of (category DIMENSION) like so:

The datasource is the DUMMY table and selects 1 row with 1 column, also named DUMMY, which contains the letter 'X'.

Two projections (left and right) are made on the datasource.

The "left" projection adds a calculated column "CC_LEFT", which simply selects the DUMMY column from the projection "base"; the "right" projection creates a calculated column "CC_RIGHT" which is the constant string literal 'Y'.

The join is "left outer" for left.CC_LEFT = rightCC_RIGHT.

If I look in the data preview then I get 1 row, with a 'X' for CC_LEFT, and null for CC_RIGHT. This is exactly what I expect.

Now, I have another view, CA_RIGHT_JOIN, which is similar to CA_LEFT_JOIN, but the join is now a right join; also, CC_RIGHT now selects the DUMMY column, and CC_LEFT now selects the string literal 'Y'

If I query this view, then I get also 1 row, both now both CC_LEFT and CC_RIGHT return the value 'X'. I would have expected. I expected CC_RIGHT to be 'X' and CC_LEFT to be NULL.

Can somebody explain why the CA_RIGHT_JOIN view behaves this way?


ca-left-join.png (78.9 kB)