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Nov 17, 2016 at 05:57 AM

Routing Group & Group Counter Issue


Dear Community,

I have encountered a strange situation, i am trying to explain it with a example:

Step 1: Suppose when I create routing for material A, it assigns it Group 50000001 and Group Counter 1 - I saved it.

Step 2: After this I want to create routing for Material B, this time system assigns Group 50000001 and Group Counter 2. The materials are different so system should assign different Group with Group Counter 1.

But the strange thing is- when I log out of the SAP system and Log In again and then do "Step 2" it creates Group 50000002 and Group Counter 1.

I am using SAP IS Retail.

Please help, I want the Group to be different for every material with group counter 1.