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Former Member
Aug 06, 2009 at 05:34 AM

How can I check what kind of values does transport request saves?


Dear All,

I have changed the max.foregin exchange rate from 1% to 0% in company code global data and added a new error message 212 in work area F5. Then I transport it to QA system and PRD system.

However in T001 table change log PRD, the address was said to be changed from a number to another number also. But I don't remember that I changed the address of a company code. And I was not able to find the value before and after the change. Do you know where I can find the address of the company code? I have tried to get address in company code global data but in the poped dialog neither of the values are found. It is strange that the addresses of other company codes in T001 are not changed.

And in the transport request, the new number was not included. I don't very understand what kind of information was included but I know I did not change other config of the company codes.

I have 2 questions

1. Where I can find the address of a company code?

2. How to see what information has been included in the transport request?

Thank you in advance.