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Aug 06, 2009 at 05:21 AM

Extended Value Selector + Drop Down Key



In our application we are using drop down key to display city / town values for the selected states.

If the state selected is( for example ) - Andhra, Karnataka, Gujara, Maharashtra or Tamilnadu, these have lot of cities more than 60.

If i select these states then the Extended Value selector is coming and it will populate the cities. From that we can pick any one.

It is working fine internally if we access the application.

This application is being accessed through internet all over India.

When the users try to select the city for the mentioned states where city list is huge, the Extended Value Selector is not Populating it is showing the processing (round) icon. The application hangs. They could not able to select the city and they could not able to use the application further.

Two days before only we migrated this application to NW 7.1 previously this application was working fine in NW 7.0.

But if the same application is used through IE 7.0 or Mozila Firefox the extended value selector is populating values and it is working fine through Internet also..

It is not possible for us to tell all users all over India to switch to IE 7.0 or Mozila Firefox....

Please give us solution to resolve this issue in IE 6.0

Thanks a lot and Best Regards

K Ravi Shankar