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Aug 05, 2009 at 03:09 PM

SC item price rounding issue


Hi Gurus,

We just Go Live with an SRM 5.0 (SRM Server 5.5) EPH 12. Classic scenario.

We are facing a really strange issue. When users create a SC for a material that has a Contract available in the Backend as source of supply and the item price in the Contract is per 50 or 100 units, the price pushed to the SC item is not the one available in the Contract. Is like the System rounds up or down that price. For example contract item price is $37.40 per 50 Units and in SC item appears as $37.50 per 50 Units.

The more rare thing of this issue, is that we are facing this problem in PRD but not in QAS. In QAS is working perfect! What is more, we have same PRD Contract available in QAS and works fine.

Any thoughts?

I'll appreciate your rush response, as we are on a productive system.