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Aug 05, 2009 at 02:32 PM

SAP Portal url and transaction question.


Hi, in a previous post i have see that i can use an URL to call an spétial transaction in a specified SAP systeme:


This exemple call the transaction SU01 and pass two parameters.

every thig ok here.

but i have three more question:

the First question:

i would like to know, how to call the option " Modify" or "create" or "see" in the url for exemple?

i call the transaction SU0 with the paramters, then with an other parameters open "see" for exmple

Do you know how to do this??

The 2nd one:

I there a transcation that i can call to log off??

explanation: i have an enterprise portal, not SAP one that call SAP transaction via SAP portal EP with the previous url.

whith WinGui, i have no probleme to close session, but if i open multiple webgui, the first one i close, log off the first session, but the otehr one when i close them don't kill there session. In AL08 transaction i saw for emple 4 session for user 1 but whith no active transaction.

So, is there a transaction that i can call to terminate the open session for a specific user??

what is the transaction to call??

And the last one:

Is there a possibility to limitate the number of session open? a user can only open 1 webgui or 1 Wingui and got an error message if he trye to open more, like with SAP LOGON.