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Sep 18, 2018 at 03:47 PM

SAC + S/4 Hana Cloud (Live Connection) : Language issue + Connection issue



I'm using SAP Analytics Cloud to access data from S4/Hana Cloud with a live connection.

I'm french, but my profile on both systems is in english (Language and Data access Language are english).

I've designed my own CDS View, and an analytical query on top of my CDS View in S/4, I've build a model in SAC using that query and designed a story.
Everything was working fine (everything was displayed in english) until last month.

Then both S/4 Hana Cloud and SAC were updated in the meantime (I didn't change the story / model) and now the material name is displayed in french in SAC. If I do a preview of the query in S/4 Hana Cloud, the material name is correctly displayed in english.

Another strange thing I figure out that might be related : previously, when creating a model using a live connection, a lot of queries were available in SAC (all the custom analytical queries, i.e. more than 100), and now only 24 of them are displayed.
Some queries that were used by models are not displayed anymore, but the models are still working (excepted the fact I've got the language issue) !

Do you have any clue on how to resolve these 2 issues ?