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Aug 05, 2009 at 03:18 AM

PO release and cancellation


Dear Experts,

For releasing PO i have 3 levels of users L1,L2,L3. I am using standard workflow for PO release where i have added my loop step such that until bus2012.ReleaseIndicator = R (R for released) loop iterates. Now my requirement is if the approver cancels the PO it should go for previous level just like if he approves it goes for next level i.e. if L3 approver cancels PO release it should go to L2 user for his decision. L2 can either release it back to L3 or cancel it to sent it to L1. Should i develop two different workflows one for release and another for cancellation. Please tell me how to handle both scenarios Cancellation and Release.

Kind Regards,