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Aug 05, 2009 at 12:14 AM

SAP WM - Reservations


Dear all,

sorry to bother you guys but I have an additonal question and I am running out of time.

A. is it possibe to have a reservation of PM and then the GI or the transfer order and afterwards the GI are both possible and what is standard?

B. If you do your normal issueing in WM, you creat your TO (the goods are picked) and they are in a grey area picking zone, correct?

C. Is it possible to have a an additonal step thus a bit like 2 step picking, but I do not want to use 2 step picking. What I am looking for is to control the good issue of hte goods.


*reservation - GI - TO - TO conf. *

With the confirmation the goods are out of the system not in IM and not in WM, correct? So how do I control this, what do you guys advice?

Other issue I have is that with a manual reservation the TO is automatically created but with a reservation from PM there is no TO and I do not know how and when to create it and what is missing in my data.

Thanks in advance,