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Aug 04, 2009 at 06:47 PM

Upgrade to ECC 6.0 from 4.6C


I have been researching on the forums and I am following all the information I've found yet I still have one question.

We are upgrading our landscape from 4.6C to ECC 6.0 I just took this job and in the past the company did not transport new roles as they were created. They were created in PRD. DEV and QAS are upgraded to ECC6 now. I went to SU25 in DEV to go through steps 2 and 3. None of our roles are there so there wasn't anything to do. What I did was a massdownload of all roles from PRD and upload to DEV so that I could transport the changes to QAS and let everyone start testing. After uploading all roles into DEV, I went back to SU25, I did step 2A, & 2B says I do not need to maintain the transactions. 2C has almost all roles with a green status light, yet if I click on each role there are unmaintained and new authorization objects in all of them. I can go in one at a time and maintain them. However, if I am reading this correctly, in step 3 the values I maintain will not be transported. Is this correct? Am I going about this the correct way?