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Aug 04, 2009 at 02:15 PM

Student Ambassadors


Greetings all,

I've been forming an idea in my mind for a few months as to how to support time pressured faculty with teaching saupport whilst also benefiting the global program by raising the visibility of the UA program among students and within the UAC community in particular and I've been struck by one idea which is in a (very) early stage - that of student ambassadors.

It's a simple concept and in fact the inspiration came from watching a presentation about the STAR students from St Joseph's University in the US. Here students were given the opportunity to raise their SAP skills level and become a teaching resource at the same time as developing their CVs and being able to get better jobs.

I have spoken with some of my faculty about them doing something similar but to retain a degree of consistency instead the universities would only have one or two such students and refer to them as SAP Ambassadors or similar. This is not to suggest that SAP would be employing these students or supporting them as par tof SAP's operations - rather it could be a title that a selected one or two top students perhaps at the end of the first term or semester would be allocated in return for agreeing to act as a teaching resource, act as a promotional evangelist within their univerity student community, and act as a recruiter for students to the UAC/SDN community.

This is only a thought but so far around a dozen of my schools expressed an interest (market research is always a good idea) if sucha concept ws realised. I have to stress this is only my own personal idea and it is only something I am taping the interest of thus far - but I'd be interested in feedback?


Martin Gollogly

Director, University Alliances

United Kingdom and Ireland