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Sep 17, 2018 at 07:04 AM

BRF+ condition fetch results in dump SYNTAX_ERROR



we are using SAP TM 9.0 and during Freight order creation, we use some of the input parameter's and send this data to a BRF+ condition table in our custom Method and fetch the results and use it for further processing.

The condition table had 10 input fields and 3 output fields. It was working fine till now with around 4700 lines in the table. Recently the condition records on the BRF+ table have been increased to a total of 5300 lines.

After this, whenever a condition fetch is triggered in the Method, the system is resulting in a SYNTAX_ERROR dump. I am trying to understand how the below Methods are created to check the number of rows in a condition table are created.

More interesting, while observing the dumps i have found that the Class (Method - UPTO*ROW*) until ROW 5011 is same, But for the last Method i.e. UPTO row 5298, the Class is different. And whenever the system is encountering this Method, it is directly resulting in a dump.

Please help.

Thanks in Advance.


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